About sanlox

A Passionate Journey Begins
In 2018, two university classmates, Dan and Karin, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by their shared passions for sports, innovation, and a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds as they immersed themselves in challenging sports activities worldwide, including surfing, amateur flying, and snowboarding.

The Daily Challenge: Fresh Shakes
Amidst their hectic and demanding daily routines, Dan and Karin encountered a consistent obstacle - how to keep their beloved shakes fresh throughout the day. This challenge ignited a spark within them, leading to deep reflection, unwavering determination, and an immense passion to provide a solution that would not only meet their needs but also promote a healthier and more advanced lifestyle.

The Birth of an Innovative Brand
With a clear vision in mind, Dan and Karin conceptualized and launched their own brand. Their mission was to offer a unique and convenient solution that allowed people to prepare their favorite shakes anywhere in the world. The result was an innovative product – a compact, advanced, lightweight, and eco-friendly blender that exuded a unique style setting it apart from the rest.

Impressive Sales and Personal Connections
Following the product’s launch, Dan and Karin witnessed resounding success in sales. What set them apart was their unwavering commitment to maintaining close and personal connections with each customer. They believed that the customer was the heart of their business, and this belief translated into an excellent shopping experience for all.

Revolutionizing the Shake Experience
Dan and Karin didn’t stop at launching their brand; they aimed to transcend tradition. Their advanced blenders revolutionized the world of shakes, making lifestyles more convenient and healthier. Their products were the culmination of passion and thoughtful consideration, offering innovation, portability, and style – essentials for a healthy, advanced life while ensuring comfort and environmental well-being.